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I am a 24 years old french engineer always seeking for new multimedia projects. I study at IMAC engineering school in France. International student currently studying in Japan as part of a exchange program with Future University Hakodate. Member of Mukaiyama Laboratory. I am a VR enthousiast interested in design and development, interactive programming, audiovisual and new technologies.

Currently looking for an internship of 6 months in Game Programming (Mostly OpenGL or Unity... VR would be the dream !)

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Future University Hakodate

Exchange program in Japan

Currently studying in Future University Hakodate as an international student and member of Kazushi MUKAIYAMA’s laboratory of art and science. I attend japanese and english classes of Information and Interactive Systems while working on a research project.

Travels Sensations

Internship as graphic designer

  • Designing catalog, flyers, sales brochures and visit cards.
  • Assisting the webmaster during integration.
  • Editing videos for online publication.