Marco Kouyaté

Marco Kouyaté


Digital Art and Multimedia

About me

Here comes the main character of my own little stories...

Hello world.

I'm a french college student practicing digital art and multimedia at Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée university. Much more, I like doing stuff. A lot of stuff. All the time. And mostly things in connection with internet and new technologies. Making web videos and short movies, programming video games and visual novels, drawing comics and writing stories.

I try to feed this double profile between creative and scientific. Being as open-minded as possible and trying to experience all kinds of those little stories that we build on the digital world.


JS/ Visual data


Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro X

Programmation and installation

Processing / Kinect
Pure Data
Unity 3D


Photoshop / Illustrator
Maya 3D
Powerpoint / Keynote /InDesign


Programming, Video Games and Filmmaking


If you want to follow my projects

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    Presti'Digital Interactive board games
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    Burning Steak YouTube videos

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